Saturday, July 9, 2011

Time Management

Enough, already. I've been trying to upload some videos but I'm just worn out from my day.

A day in the life:

17 hours of beauty sleep
3 hours grooming for lordssakes
1 hour eating / using the commode
1 hour monitoring the situation
1 hour allowing humans to pet me
.5 hours disciplining Piper
.5 hours much-needed downtime

I'm not sure how I will manage to find time to update this blog.

Maybe I'll steal the MP's iPad.

The Medium Is The Message

I felt it important to begin this blog with a quote from someone who knows what he's talking about - so few people do.

This blog is a perfect example: my people think it is hilarious to take videos of the other cat who lives here. She's ridiculous - fetching toys, watching television, kissing up to the people - she might as well be a dog.

Anyway, some of you might find this amusing.

I have better things to do.