Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Doll's House - With Apologies to H. Ibsen

So the FP started making a dollhouse.

It's not done yet but I like to think I've been able to contribute.

This is a weird view of the side of the house. You can see the red and white bedroom wall through the round window. There was a curtain there but I got rid of it. If you look closely, you can see Piper through the downstairs window.


View of upstairs bedroom. The floor has been removed but you can see the ribbon floorboards. Note waxed-paper heart-shaped window.

Testing out the living room window. Note wall between upstairs bedroom but not downstairs. I like to think this design is for my comfort - all 13 lbs and 8 oz.

This one should have been first, I guess - had to check out the flooring before I could venture inside. It's ok. A little glossy but I think some cat hair will take care of that problem.

Giving Piper a long hard stare through the living room window.

"What's to become of the morally sound? Left out in the cold, I suppose...."

"But our home's been nothing but a playpen."

"You don't get nothing for nothing in this life."

"I have other duties equally sacred... Duties to myself."

"There can be no freedom or beauty about a home life that depends on borrowing and debt."

It's been exhausting, managing this project.

"I've had the most extraordinary longing to say 'Bloody Hell'!"

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