Tuesday, April 3, 2012

From The Piper Papers:

Piper -

Mike Stone has been hogging the computer all day and he has not let me get on Facebook once to play word scrapper with you. The weather is lovely here in baltimore and I've been watching the birds out the back window whilst napping all day. Really, what does mike stone do that computer all day, and why does he hate freedom?


Junie "mouse" stone

Dear Mouse,

All humans hate freedom - it is their one defining characteristic.

They aren't good for much except food distribution.

Here's my advice: wait until Mike Stone is asleep, and then go online and buy yourself a Mac Air. It's super-light and easy to move and therefore hide.

Don't forget to wait until mid-month so that the cost will be buried in the middle of the credit card bill.

IM me when you're up and running.

Til then - it is not enough that cats succeed: dogs must also fail.

- Piper Silver

Dearest Piper,

I received your last email and was pleased to hear from you. I am currently working to brainwash Mr. Stone into doing my bidding. I think I almost have him trained. In the meantime I was thinking of getting an iPad3 as it will not require me to open and close the screen close the the lid and it will be much easier to watch netflix and play word scrapper. Mr. Stone does not know about this plan so lets keep it on the DL.

I believe he is getting ready to leave to go visit blonde this evening so meet me on the FB chat in 30 minutes.


June "mouse" stone

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